The Role of Sudbury Staff

Students’ freedom to organise their time as they wish is a central idea of the Sudbury Model, and so it is quite natural that questions should arise regarding the nature of the work that Sudbury staff do – if staff are not focusing their efforts on encouraging students to learn a curriculum, what are they actually doing?

A useful perspective to adopt when considering the role of Sudbury staff is to consider the educational environment. The central idea of the Sudbury model is that, given the right environment, every child has the innate ability to flourish and learn to become effective adults. Therefore, Sudbury staff focus their efforts on the environment rather than teaching methods. Thus the role of our staff includes:

  • establishing a culture of freedom, equality and respect. A secure and safe school climate are essential ingredients to foster natural curiosity and learning.
  • ensuring the school’s philosophy is maintained, allowing each person to enjoy their full freedom of educational opportunity, regardless of age.
  • taking care of the often quite complex day-to-day administrative needs of a self-managed autonomous school.
  • taking care of jobs and roles which no student is interested in or competent enough to take over.
  • being available to share their experience and knowledge with students.
  • helping students with the implementation of projects if required.

Our Team

The Sudbury School Paris team is made up of first language or bilingual English speakers who have come from different countries as well as from a diverse range of educational backgrounds.