Sudbury School Paris
is what is known as a democratic school (see video).

As such, it empowers children to grow in autonomy and maturity by trusting them with freedom and personal responsibility within a truly democratic framework.

We offer an avant-garde educational alternative for the English-speaking community in Paris and welcome members of all ages*.

Forget everything you thought you knew about schools, and come and discover the amazing possibilities of the Sudbury approach, where education is redefined in the broadest possible sense!

(*: Our youngest students are around 5 and our oldest around 19. There is no strict age limit)

Democratic Education & Why it is Needed Today

Our Core Principles

Our school revolves around 6 core principles.

  •    Trust & Respect – the heart of our approach
  •    Democracy – a self-managed community
  •    Autonomy – self-motivated and self-regulated learning
  •    Freedom & Responsibility – two sides of the same coin
  •    Adults as Peers – “helpers” not “teachers”
  •    Opportunity in Diversity – a mixed-age international “open campus”

A Close-Knit International Network

Sudbury School Paris is but one of over 70 Sudbury schools throughout the world, and actual hundreds of democratic schools!

Our schools maintain a close bond of mutual support and cross-fertilization, confronting our experience and particular choices with that of others (some of whom have been running for 50 years or more) with regular meetings at local, national, continental and even world-wide scales.

Find out more about our very connected network of ever-learning enthusiasts!

Come Meet Us!

Public Meetings

These are a great way to get acquainted, discuss the Sudbury philosophy with staff and student members, get practical answers to your practical questions, and let your kids discover the space and start to play in it – all in a warm informal atmosphere with tea and cakes.


Open House Events

A couple of times a year we organise an open-house event. Come and spend the whole day with us, and meet our students in their everyday environment!


  • Is there a craft or a field you’re passionate about and would love to share with our community?
  • Perhaps you’d like to volunteer as a Helper and join the team?
  • Want to get rid of old furniture or supplies and support us by the same occasion?

We’ll be more than happy to hear from you, so check-out how you can contribute to our growing community!

A nos amis francophones

Chers amis francophones.
Nous sommes en train de retravailler le contenu en français et le remettrons en ligne dès que possible.
Merci de votre compréhension !