Public Meetings

General Purpose

By attending a public meeting you get a chance to meet the team as well as to connect with other interested parents and students. And that is actually quite invaluable! You get multiple perspectives on the same issues and concerns – questions are raised that you might not have thought of, or are worded in a different way.

Parents get an idea of who the other interested families are and, perhaps more importantly, prospective students get to spend a little time together in the school environment. Occasionally, enrolled students and/or their parents are invited over to share their own perspective. So if possible, we recommend that you come to a public meeting. Also, it’s good if you can come as a whole family so that everyone has the same information to work with.

Special Situations

Alternatively, for families who are not able to attend one of our public meetings we can organise an individual meeting (this is sometimes the case when a family doesn’t live close by or can’t come at the ).

If you are an interested family but for some reason can’t come and meet us, or if you are interested in meeting with us personally for reasons other than schooling your child, we are open to discussing it over the phone or a Skype chat. Check out our contact details on our contact page.