Our Vision

Change is Coming – Let’s Embrace it

Our society is changing at a pace that seems to be ever accelerating. We are living in a time when change is rapid and constant: with the internet transforming the way we share knowledge (TED, Khan Academy, Youtube DIY tutorials, Wikipedia…), social media  transforming the way we interact (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine), new technologies transforming the way we produce (synthetic biology, 3D printing…) and ever evolving forms of economy impacting the way we exchange goods and services (such as the Sharing, Gig and Gift economies).

This societal change has lead economists at the University of Oxford to predict that half of all existing jobs will disappear within the next 20 years. A forecast such as this leads us to wonder at the possible effects on society. This change however can also be seen as a great opportunity. A growing number of individuals and organizations are beginning to see the true value of creativity, cooperation and social advancement fostered by structures which are horizontal, democratic and humane. Sudbury School Paris is one such organization.


Young people are eager to learn differently

How can we prepare our young people to thrive in this ever-changing and uncertain world? The global experts from the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) predict that by 2030 the ‘curriculum’ will have been replaced by ‘personalized learning paths’ and that adults will work more as ‘facilitators’ than ‘knowledge-givers’. Research has highlighted the need for a learning model based around questioning and project-based learning with more relevance to the real world. Sudbury School Paris takes this trend to its natural conclusion.

Instead of teaching students, which we believe undermines natural curiosity and students’ ownership of their learning process, the school creates a safe and stimulating space for them to engage in their own personal learning quests. “We are all born scientists” so it is in giving free rein to children’s natural curiosity and love of learning that we can help them achieve their full potential. We believe that through this process students will develop the essential transferable skills for adult life in the 21st century: independence, emotional resilience, critical thinking skills, empathy, integrity, tolerance and the ability to work as part of a team.

As a school of the future our purpose is to help foster a community of independent freethinkers who embrace and thrive on change, who have grown up playing with the tools of our rapidly evolving culture and who are thus best placed to forge a life for themselves in this new exciting world. We hope that you will join us on this adventure !