Vision & Inspiration

We’re aware that our approach is a pretty radical change of perspective on what “school” and “education” even mean. And we’re not expecting anyone to simply put blind faith in this approach. Much less come to it without fully understanding it.

This is why we really want to share our vision with interested families. We want to provide them with everything they need in order to get as deep an understanding as possible of what we’re doing and where we’re coming from – and let them decide if it resonates with them, and if they find it relevant.

In this section, you will first find a few historical elements of perspective on education.

The way we share knowledge and bring up our children has not always been the way we know it today. Examining the origins and the purpose of “modern education” as compared to other forms of “progressive” education (but also older, even more “traditional” approaches) can give us a better understanding of why things are the way they are today – and why they could easily be quite different.

Next, we’ll briefly present the origins & shared philosophy of “Sudbury schools”.

Every  school that claims inspiration from the original Sudbury Valley School founded in 1969 shares a certain number of values and practices that make them quite distinct from any other approach. This is where you’ll find out more about these.

Last, we’ll offer to redefine education in the context of the changing world we know today.

The future is being prepared now. It might be full of uncertainties, however the current trends in organisations are pointing towards a shared aspiration to humanise the work environment, management and relationships in every social dimension. An evolution that will require different skills and a different mindset than the ones that have been called-upon most up until now.

Good readings! We hope these few ramblings will at least provoke questions and a thirst to explore and discuss them further.

And we’ll be delighted to hear what you have to share! So if you feel inspired, be sure to come and meet us.