Our School

Sudbury School Paris is an anglophone democratic school which aims to empower children through freedom and personal responsibility.

We’re a bilingual school de facto, in the sense that members are mostly either native anglophones or native francophones with a good level of English, with some additional expatriates from other countries. However, unlike most “bilingual” schools, we do not strive to teach both languages. Informal exchanges are still likely to be held in either language.

We have a capacity for up to 25 students of all ages (from 5 years old until they are ready to leave school), and a diverse team of staff available to help facilitate whatever activities students wish to pursue. We aim to equip our school as a dynamic and inspiring space with a range of materials at the students’ disposal. Free from scheduled lessons and curriculum, students decide for themselves how to organise their time and can fully immerse themselves in whatever passions and interests engage them.

The possibilities for exploration within the vibrant metropolis of Paris are limitless. We believe learning is not contained to school buildings, so neither are our students. Based in the 13th arrondissement, we are within walking distance of various parks, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Latin Quarter, and various eating (and learning) opportunities in one of Europe’s largest China towns. We are just a short bus, tram or bike trip away from the Louvre, the Musée D’Orsay, the massive multi-sport arena of Stade Charléty, and the city’s botanical gardens with its museum of evolution.

Sudbury School Paris is run democratically and transparently. Staff and students work together to manage the school by creating and changing the school’s rules, which constantly evolve. The process of school governance takes place through two main mechanisms – the School Meeting and the Judicial Committee, each of which serve to protect and nurture a safe, democratic and stimulating environment in which community members can thrive.