Other Resources

Understanding the nature of autonomous learning inevitably requires a stage of personal research given the unconventional and often counter-intuitive nature of this educational approach. We recommend the following resources (books/blog/videos) to get you started.







SVS general presentation video (9’13”)

Focus & intensity (13’11”), by SVS

School Meeting (3’58”), by SVS

Judicial Committee (6’34”), by SVS

Changing Education Paradigms (11’40”)

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

S. Mitra: New experiments in self-teaching

R. Farhangi: Why I created a school where
children are free to do what they want

P. Gray: Mother Nature’s Pedagogy: Insights
from Evolutionary Psychology (17’30”)

TEDx – Logan LaPlante: Hackschooling
makes me happy (11’13”)

“Being and becoming” trailer (2’11)