Core Principles

Sudbury schools such as ours define themselves according to a certain number of principles. From one school to another, the emphasis might not be on exactly the same ones, but most are widely shared within the Sudbury community.

Sudbury School Paris is built around 6 core principles.

 A School of Trust

Our school values trust and freedom.

Here you will find that you are truly trusted, that your choices and your skills are respected, and that you can learn to trust yourself, others, and life.

A Democratic Community

At our school, children’s rights are truly respected, including the right to have a say in decisions that concern them – and that includes every decision of the school.

Democratically run, this is a school that you can improve and help shape to fit your dreams. Here, your voice really matters, and no matter how old you are, you have an equal say in all school decisions. Finally a school where justice rhymes with fairness!

Self-Motivated and Self-Regulated Learning

Whether you favour informal learning such as play and discussions or more structured study, here you are trusted to determine what you need most at any given time. You set your own challenges, and decide if and how you want to be evaluated. Learn from everyday life, and create your own ideal curriculum.

Freedom & Responsibility

Here, freedom and responsibility come hand in hand. You are free to pursue your passions and use your time as you wish so long as you don’t infringe other members’ rights to enjoy their activities undisturbed. You’re also fully accountable for your choices and their consequences …and fully responsible for your own education and what you make of it.

Caring Adults

Helpers and friends rather than teachers or judges, our dedicated staff truly embody the philosophy and values of our school. You’ll find them to be genuinely human, caring, accessible and dependable supports in helping you develop new levels of autonomy.

An international, age-mixing, open campus

Meet others of all ages, from all walks of life and all over the world… And why limit yourself to the people at school? Explore the city, its parks, libraries, museums, and many other treasures! Organise encounters with genuinely passionate and gifted individuals, and experts in their fields. The sky’s the limit!