Tuition Fees

Here are the tuition fees on a yearly basis:

First Child – 6,500€   Second Child – 5,000€   Third Child – 3,500€

As the school year is currently in progress, fees will be calculated according to the remaining weeks in the year.

Tuition fees are primarily used to pay for the rent and a minimum remuneration of staff.  It is worth noting that English speaking or bilingual Parisian schools typically cost between 6,000€ and 20,000€ per year. Public schools cost the taxpayer 8,320€ per student per year excluding rent.

We would love the school to be accessible for all children, we hope that democratic schools could become mainstream one day, then we would be able to get fundings from the state and decrease the tuition fees.

Do not hesitate to  contact us with any questions – we will be happy to provide any information you require to help you through the registration process.